A Novel

Good or Evil?
...Life or Death?

Like night and day, they are intertwined—children of Aether descended from chaos only to rise again. Such is the balance of creation, the ebb and flow of the elements dominating the skies above. And when the scales tip, the universe follows, slipping further and further into darkness...

Travel across oceans and over mountains, to the unexplored depths of Venuri. After five thousand years, the relics of an ancient civilization have been all but forgotten, cast aside for fear their past might one day return. But it's the only thing that can save them when a mysterious stone tablet predicts the coming rise of Aether at the hands of a humble, young daydreamer. And with it comes chaos, a string of events that leaves their world at the mercy of the elements as two of the planet's most destructive forces go head-to-head in a dangerous bid for the same prize…Oren's life.

In the beginning, there was light. A gentle essence spreading slowly through the darkness. Like ink in water, it filled the void, blanketing the farthest reaches in its warmth, and soothing the chaos that would become life…